Why Mom Needs a SOL Sailboat


April 24, 2024


She’s strong, she’s loving, and she deserves a hobby that brings her joy! The SOL Sailboat could be just the thing to show Mom how much you love her. 

The SOL Sailboat is durable

Just like Mom, the SOL Sailboat is tough. You can confidently send it out on the waves, knowing it can withstand the journey. We use top-tier suppliers such as Seldén, North Sails, SeaDek, and Harken. Our boat’s design allows it to endure harsh waters and UV rays while also providing high screw retention with no corrosion and zero rot.

The SOL Sailboat is easy to use

Of course, Mom could handle a complicated sailboat, but why should she? Make life easier for her by gifting an easy-to-rig, easy-to-transport, and easy-to-maintain sailboat. Want to add even more ease to her voyage? We offer dollies and hoisters to help her quickly get the boat from home to the water.

The SOL Sailboat is stylish and customizable

Customize your mom’s boat to reflect her personal style with personalized sails, non-skid padding, and other materials. The boat features a sleek design with rounded edges and ergonomic features to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Magnetic cup holders keep her favorite drink close at hand. Give your mom the gift of adventure and style with her very own personalized boat.

The SOL Sailboat is perfect for solo trips and small families

Every mother enjoys spending time with her family but also needs some alone time. The SOL Sailboat is an excellent option for solo voyages or can comfortably accommodate a small family. Additionally, if your mother is interested in sailing but needs more experience, you can sign her up for sailing lessons. An instructor can join her on the boat and teach her the necessary skills while sailing on the waves.

The SOL Sailboat and SERO Innovation team are reliable

If your mom is new to sailing, there is no need to worry! We are happy to help new sailors get comfortable on the water. We offer a wide range of resources, such as the rigging manual, the SOL Sailboat Facebook Group, and excellent customer service. You can even order replacement parts that can be delivered to you in as little as one day. We also try to respond to customer service inquiries within the same business day. Moms will appreciate feeling the respect and enthusiasm of the SERO Innovation team.

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