11 Beautiful Photos of the SOL Sailboat


December 21, 2023


Take a picturesque journey on the SOL Sailboat whether you are an expert, novice, instructor, parent, or teenager! The SOL Sailboat is a lightweight yet durable dinghy sailboat with modern and customizable features. Keep reading to check out these fantastic photos of the SOL Sailboat and learn more about how we inspire voyagers to embark on the water with reliability and comfort.

1. The thrill before the launch

Nothing is more thrilling than bringing your SOL Sailboat onto the beach before the launch on the water!

2. Waves and smiles

Smiles stretch from ear to ear when you are on the waves with the SOL Sailboat!

3. Multigenerational bonding

Every sailor learned to sail from someone who knew the ropes. SERO Innovation loves seeing kids out on the water!

4. Double the SOL, double the fun

Why hit the waves with one SOL Sailboat when you can have two?

5. Clear views and red, white, & blue.

The SOL Sailboat is made in the USA. Deck it out with a red, white, and blue sail!

6. Thumbs up, sail on

The ultimate sign of a good time 👍

7. Kids enjoying the SOL

If you are a parent, kid, or kid-at-heart – the SOL Sailboat is a great way to play on the water.

8. Blue on blue on blue.

A photo of a true blue sailor and his boat on a clear day is worth a thousand words.

9. Gaining independence on the water

Teens want freedom! After some lessons, you can let them set sail on the water with a SOL Sailboat.

10. Instructor showing the ropes

Young sailors can be anxious, but a true pro can ease the waves.

11. Just a boy, his dad, and a boat.

What could be more precious than a father and son sharing a moment in the great outdoors?

We are always looking for more beautiful photos of the SOL Sailboat. Share your photos using #SOLSailing on social media, and you could be featured on our blog or social media pages!