Six Reasons Why the SOL Sailboat is the Best Dinghy Sailboat


January 27, 2024


Are you ready to set sail with a durable, modern, customizable, comfortable, and reliable sailboat? Look no further than the SOL Sailboat for your next voyage!


The SOL Sailboat features durable materials and a sturdy yet sleek design, ensuring long-lasting quality. The hull features a cored composite material using a vacuum infused process, which allows for the perfect saturation of resin for lasting parts and makes for a durable yet lightweight boat.  Our resins and gel coats are premium quality, so the SOL Sailboat can withstand UV rays and harsh waters. Our fiberglass schedule is a precise combination of oriented strand mat and bi-axial glass to create lasting strength and eye-catching aesthetics. We use only the strongest adhesives (methyl methacrylate), which can resist shear stresses and shrinkage. In high-wear areas, we offer EVA (SeaDek) non-skid padding to improve comfort while protecting these areas. The SOL’s backer plates are made from AquaSteel, which is a phenolic material perfect for this application, ensuring no corrosion, high screw retention, and zero rot. We also work with outstanding suppliers like Seldén, North Sails, SeaDek, and Harken to bring you the highest quality sailboat on the market.


The SOL Sailboat uses the latest innovations and technology, making a visually stunning boat and a high-quality watercraft that will last a lifetime. You and your mates will immediately notice the SOL Sailboat’s streamlined design with smooth lines, rounded edges, and ergonomic comforts. Only time will tell how our modern design will impact the longevity of your boat, but we are confident that our high-quality materials will keep your boat in ship shape for generations. Our sailors also love the modern details we have added to the boat to make it more colorful and comfortable, including the colorful sails and non-skid padding, all the way down to the tiny details like the magnetic cupholders and window on the sail for enhanced visibility. When you climb on board a SOL Sailboat, you will get the thrill of traditional sailing along with modern-day comforts and designs.


Colors and materials can be customized on the SOL Sailboat, making each boat unique to the captain’s individual style. First, you can choose from eight different color combinations on your sail, including American flag colors. (SERO Innovation is a Michigan-based company, so naturally, we have Blue & Yellow and Green & White options for sails!) Sailors can also customize the colors of the handles, extended splash guard, and non-skid padding. Not only do we offer a range of bright colors, but we also offer wood-style non-skid to give your boat a classic feel. Lastly, you can customize your daggerboard and rudder depending on where and how you like to sail. Each comes in classic wood or composite options. The classic wood is made of mahogany and is less expensive, with a little more upkeep. The composite blades offer a modern look with long-lasting materials that hold well to salt water. The best part is that there is no wrong way to customize your SOL Sailboat. You can go with whatever floats your boat!


The SOL Sailboat features ergonomic designs to make adventures on the water as comfortable as possible. The open cockpit allows you to comfortably sit, stand, or kneel in your dinghy sailboat while the non-skid padding prevents slippage. You can also add non-skid padding on the topside for additional comfort (and color)! Slipping and bumping are a part of sailing, which is one of the reasons our boat has sleek, rounded edges. You can hang on tight to the ergonomic handles, which fit comfortably in your hand and are also great for clipping dry bags or water bottles. Little details like the magnetic cupholders add ease and comfort to your voyage, while an extended splash guard can prevent excess water from splashing onto yourself and your passengers. Speaking of passengers, the SOL Sailboat comfortably fits two people, a small family, or a pet to ride along the journey!


Spending time on the water is all about feeling free and escaping from the daily routine. Sailors and dreamers both enjoy the simplicity of the SOL Sailboat as it allows them to switch from work mode to the water in a matter of minutes. Our lightweight boat and straightforward rigging system make it effortless to transport, set up, and set sail. You do not require a crew or a complicated system to relish the great outdoors with the SOL Sailboat. Whenever you’re ready to sail, the SOL Sailboat is geared up to go. For more information about our rigging system, you can refer to our rigging manual.


SERO Innovation is committed to reliability and dependability, offering durable products and top-notch customer service. Designed by sailors and engineers using durable materials, our boat is a testament to American craftsmanship and quality, proudly built in the USA. We also pride ourselves on high-quality customer service, meaning customers and dealers can reach us via email, social media, or phone Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm EST. We aim to return inquiries in 48 hours or less and deliver boats and replacement parts in as little as four days. This means when you are ready to set sail, so are we! We can get you out on the water by next week, depending on your location.

Learn more about the SOL Sailboat, a durable, modern, customizable, comfortable, and reliable dinghy sailboat here!