The SOL Sailboat

Drawing inspiration from the rays of the sun and waves of the water, the SOL embodies the spirit of adventure and the joy of sailing. A one design sailboat perfect for one to four sailors, its sleek lines, ergonomic features and lightweight build redefine the sailing experience, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned sailors.

With precision in mind, SERO's team of engineers and craftsmen meticulously crafted the sailboat to optimize performance and durability. Each component can withstand the rigors of the waters while ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. From its core composite hull to its open cockpick, every detail enhances the experience of being on the water.

Are you ready to hit the waves? SERO's reliable delivery service offers quick turnarounds on orders for boats and replacement parts in as little as four days.

SOL Sailboat

Length: 13 ft 9 in
Beam: 4 ft 1 in
Hull weight: 120 lbs
Hull construction: Cored composite
Mast: Aluminum alloy
Sail area: 75 sq ft
Sail material: 3.8 oz Dacron
Luff: 13.25 ft
Leech: 13.25 ft
Foot: 14.25 ft
Sail: Made by North Sails with visibility window
Crew: 1-4
Built: USA

Customizable colors for sails, extended splash guard, topside and cockpit non-skid padding and SOL handles. Rudder and daggerboard are available in both wood and composite.


Open Cockpit design allows room for 1-4 people, perfect for families, camps and clubs

Magnetic hot spots keep your drink secure

Optional Extended splash guard available
in a variety of colors including mahogany

Customize optional padded marine decking on the deck and cockpit to make your SOL unique

Black ergonomic handles come standard, or customize your handle color to match your style

The SOL captures the essence of modern design, comfort, customization, and durability. Its sleek lines, ergonomic features, and lightweight build redefine the sailing experience, making it accessible to beginners and seasoned sailors.