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      Customize a boat just for you, or select a perfectly pre-designed SOL and just add on accessories!
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      Deck, spars, tiller and rigging hardware are included
    • Stars & Stripes

    • Heritage

    The SOL Sailboat Hull & Deck is a marvel of design that blends cutting-edge engineering with timeless craftsmanship. The cored composite hull and deck weigh just 120 pounds with a unique design that resists water absorption and retention, making the boat durable, fast, and built to last. This innovative construction perfectly balances lightweight agility and uncompromising strength, ensuring remarkable speed and exceptional durability.

    13 ft 9 in
    Hull weight
    120 lbs
    Hull construction
    Cored composite
    This is not a full boat.
    • Choose a Sail
    • American Pride

      +$ 315
    • Blue & White

      +$ 315
    • Aquatic Breeze

      +$ 315
    • Mackinaw

      +$ 315
    • Seaside

      +$ 315
    • Green & White

      +$ 315
    • Red & White

      +$ 315
    • White

      +$ 315

    Crafted from high-performance 3.8 oz Dacron, the SOL Sailboat’s sail is not just equipment but an extension of your unique style. With customizable colors, you can make your mark on the water while enjoying the exceptional quality of the sail’s construction. The strategically incorporated window on the sail provides enhanced visibility while you are on the water. From tranquil escapes to fast adventures on the waves, the SOL’s sail combines durability, customization, and visibility to redefine how you interact with the water. The sail has a 75-square-foot sail area, a 13.25-foot luff, a 13.25-foot leech, and a 14.25-foot foot, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

    North Sails
    3.8 oz Dacron
    Sail area
    75 square feet - 6.97 square meters
    13.25 feet
    13.25 feet
    14.25 feet
    A window for maximum visibility
    • Choose a Blades
    • Classic Wood

      +$ 610
    • Composite

      +$ 880

    SERO Innovation Blades (Wood)

    Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with SERO Innovation’s Classic Wood Blade. The rudder blade and daggerboard offer stability and responsiveness on the water, while the rich wooden tones provide nostalgia and modern hydrodynamic efficiency.

    Coming Soon
  • Customize SOL Boat
    • Black handles (standard)

    • Blue handles

      +$ 35
    • Red handles

      +$ 35
    • Green handles

      +$ 35
    • Yellow handles

      +$ 35
    • Orange handles

      +$ 35
    • Gray handles

      +$ 35

    SOL Sailboat Bow/Cockpit Handles

    Sail with ease and style with the SOL Sailboat’s Ergonomic Bow/Cockpit Handles. Designed for comfort and control, they comes in seven vibrant colors to match your boat’s aesthetic.

    black, grey, red, yellow, orange, green, and blue.
  • SOL Boat Accessories

    Standard Dynamic Dolly (hard terrain)

    Dynamic Dollies and Racks brings the latest design and materials to popular small boat dollies. Redefine your sailing adventures with the hard-terrain Standard Dynamic Dolly, seamlessly merging cutting-edge features with time-tested functionality.


    • Secure boat to dolly in storage, on trailers, or in racks Increased torque stability
    • A balanced handle load and easy maneuvering Wrap-around boat support
    • Helps prevent slippage on steep ramps Boat support forward of the sling Prevents boat and aluminum contact Easy dolly breakdown
    • Reduce tire pressure for soft sand conditions
    • Sturdy air-filled wheels made with non-corrosive materials Interchangeable with Seitech Dollies
    Boat-specific tube and sling lengths
    Through-bolted joint fittings
    Strong, 3" non-stretch, polyester sling
    Adjustable, flexible V-fitting on tongue tube
    Tie-down eyelets on sling and handle fittings
    Snap buttons on the wheel shaft and tongue tube
    Wing nuts on axle tube cross fitting
    Pneumatic, non-corrosive, 16" x 4" wheels
    Proudly made in the USA
    • Summary
    • Hull
      Sol Sailboat
      White Hull
    • Sail
      Selected Sail
      White Hull
    • Blades
      Selected Blades
      White Hull
    • Customization
    • Accessories
    • Total: