Why Sailing Should Be Your Dad’s New Hobby


June 4, 2024


At SERO Innovation, we love helping novices set sail for the first time. If you are looking to get your Dad a gift that will last a lifetime, we recommend our high-quality, easy-to-use SOL Sailboat. Not sure if sailing is right for your Dad? Here are some reasons sailing should be your Dad’s new hobby.

Age Old Tradition

Help your Dad learn a fundamental life skill. Your Dad will love sailing because it’s a timeless tradition that goes back thousands of years. If he enjoys cooking over a fire, fishing, camping, or building, sailing is a great hobby to add to his list of things he loves.

New Friends and Community

Sailing is a lifestyle! If your dad gets into sailing, he will make new friends and expand his horizons. There are endless sailing groups, online sailing forums, and sailing events all around the world that create an amazing community of sailors!

Plenty of Resources

One of the many wonderful aspects of the sailing community is their eagerness to share their passion. Finding sailing lessons to kickstart your Dad’s new hobby is a breeze (not to mention the endless YouTubers who share tons of knowledge). And if you’re considering gifting your Dad a new sailboat, why not top it off with some sailing lessons for the perfect gift package?

Skill Development

Boat maintenance, points of sail, navigation, these are just a few of the skills that your Dad will learn with his SOL Sailboat. Your Dad will enjoy the limitless ways he can become a better sailor and apply these skills to other aspects of his life. Not to mention, learning new things is one way to keep our minds young!

Outdoor Family Fun

Once your Dad feels confident on his SOL Sailboat, he will likely want others to join him for the fun in the sun. Partners, kids, and grandkids can all enjoy your Dad’s new hobby by going for a ride on the water. Not to mention, sailing will encourage your Dad and the rest of the family to spend more time outside and conquer the great outdoors!

Here’s Why the SOL Sailboat is a great boat for your Dad

Now that you are ready to help your Dad become a sailor, here are some reasons to encourage him to purchase a brand-new SOL Sailboat.

  • High quality – Our boat is made with high-quality materials that can withstand the harshness of the water, including cored composite material, methyl methacrylate adhesives, and EVA non-skid padding. The SOL is engineered with longevity and superior materials in mind. A SOL is a gift that can last for generations.
  • Easy to use – If sailing is a new hobby for your Dad, he can quickly learn how to sail in the SOL, which is easy to rig and can comfortably fit a sailing coach and student. If your Dad spent much time on the water as a kid, he could apply his knowledge from popular traditional models like the Sunfish to the modernity of the SOL.
  • Comfortable – We have considered every aspect of comfort on the SOL and have included details such as non-skid padding to prevent slipping and sore knees, magnetic cupholders so he can easily sip his favorite beverage, a visibility window in the sail to make it easier to navigate, and a giant open cockpit to give him plenty of room to kick back and enjoy the waves!


We know purchasing a sailboat is a big decision. We encourage you to contact us with any questions at info@seroinnovation.com, and we will get back to you within a day! You can also explore our Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the SOL Sailboat and why people love it!