Water Safety Checklist for SOL Sailors


May 8, 2024


Navigating the world of sailing includes making safety a priority. Sailing is a fun and relaxing hobby; a simple safety checklist can only enhance good times! Wear your life jackets with pride, offer everyone sunscreen, and have the skills to enjoy the water safely. Here are some essential safety items to consider.


Life jacket: Life jackets are a fundamental safety item for every sailor, regardless of sailing and swimming proficiency. Being unprepared in open waters is dangerous. Plus, you can find them in every color and style nowadays, so there is no excuse not to wear one!

Navigation equipment: Compasses, maps, and GPS are some navigation tools you can and should easily equip yourself with while sailing.

First aid kit: Don’t let scrapes and cuts ruin your fun on the water! A simple first aid kit can make for smoother sailing.

Sun protection: The sun’s power amplifies when it reflects off the water. Applying sunscreen takes less than two minutes. Do this before every sailing voyage. Also, wear hats, sunglasses, and SPF-protecting jackets for additional coverage. (And be sure to use reef-safe sunscreen!) 

Hydration: Drink water while on the water! Hydration is vital for your overall health and focus. We need to be in shipshape while sailing, so do not skip out on the H2O.

Manual bailer: It’s easy to get water in your boat while sailing. While many boats, like the SOL are equipped with an autobailer, having a manual bailer as a back is never a bad idea. 

Paddle: Have you ever found yourself on the water without any wind? Low winds can lead to safety concerns, not to mention inconvenience. Have a paddle while sailing if the wind is taken from your sails.

Whistle: This small tool can have a big impact! Whistles can alert others to danger or your need for help. (Thanks to Kerris P.A. for this suggestion in our SOL Sailing Facebook Group!)

List of emergency contacts: Know the best ways to contact the Coast Guard, port authorities, local emergency services, friends, and family.

High-quality boat: The SOL Sailboat is a highly durable boat made in the USA by a focused and innovative team. Having a boat you can rely on is essential to safety.

Skills and knowledge

Swimming: Swimming is a life skill. If you do not know how to swim or want to improve your skills, consider taking classes or hiring a trainer. Also, starting your children in swim lessons is never too early. Yes, they even have classes for babies! Teaching kids to swim can help save their lives!

Navigation: Basic navigation skills are critical for sailors. You can find endless information online and through local sailing clubs.

Marine: Understand how the water works. Visit your local library to check out books on marine knowledge. Learn the basics of oceanography, nautical terminology, marine biology, maritime law, and weather.

Basic sailing lessons: Take a sailing lesson! Sailors are often passionate about teaching others. If you are not personally connected to a sailor, look for local sailing and yacht clubs that usually offer various lessons. (By the way, did you know the SOL Sailboat is perfect for learning to sail? It’s easy to use for recreational use and comfortably fits two people. It’s the ideal boat for a new sailor and a trainer!)


General wellness: How are you feeling today? It’s important to ask yourself this question before going sailing. Make sure your mind and body are in good health before launching your boat. 

Personal preparedness: Ensure you are hydrated, appropriately dressed, and well-rested before sailing.

Safety procedures: Be sure you know the safety procedures for man overboard, boat flipping, and boats filling with water. You want to avoid problem-solving these issues while on the water.

Weather check: Always check the weather before hitting the waves! You never know what kind of storm is brewing.

Boat inspection and maintenance: Learn how to properly inspect and maintain your boat to ensure a safe and comfortable voyage. If you ever experience issues with your SOL boat, you can order replacement parts from SERO Innovation, which we can deliver in as little as one day. We also respond to customer service inquiries within the same business day, so we encourage our sailors to contact us anytime!

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