About Us

SERO Innovation is a family-owned company, supplying the marine industry with boats, parts and accessories. We are staffed by experienced boaters who are passionate about sharing the sailing experience with the world.

Through collaborative efforts in design, engineering and production, we aim to meet market demands for high-quality products that sailors & boaters deserve.

The SOL Story

SERO's first sailboat, the SOL, grew out of a childhood dream and a deep passion for boating.

When Chris McLellan was eight years old he had a dream that one day he would design and build boats. Growing up near Lake Huron in Michigan, with parents in the marine industry, his experience with boats and boating was broad. After owning several boats himself, he decided to make his passion his work, and started his own marine parts business. Over the past three decades he has grown that into a number of companies serving different industry needs.

Through Chris’ experience working with boat buyers and boat owners, he has intimately learned the needs and demands of the industry. He saw an unmet demand for a simple, cost-effective boat that is accessible to a wide range of sailors. So he brought together a talented team of sailors and engineers to brainstorm how they could design and build this boat. Hence the SOL was born and Chris’ lifelong dream became a reality.

The vision of SERO Innovation is to offer a boat that will introduce people of all ages to sailing in a safe and fun way that will instill a love of the sport. At the same time, the SOL has been designed to meet the high performance standards that racers demand. It offers all of this while allowing customers to completely customize their boat to their individual needs.