About Us


Inspire explorers to embark on the waters with innovation, comfort, and durability.

Brand Story

SERO Innovation was born out of a passion for the open waters in the heart of the Great Lakes. Established by a group of avid boaters and marine industry professionals, the company set sail on a mission to reimagine experiences on the water through innovation, comfort, and durability. With a commitment to delivering modern, customizable, and reliable boats, parts, and accessories - SERO Innovation has quickly become a trailblazer in the marine industry.

Whether you are a new boater, a seasoned sailor, or a business owner offering boating experiences, SERO offers boats and parts to enhance your experience on the water.

Founding Journey: From Waves to Wonders

The story of SERO Innovation began with a simple yet powerful idea: to enhance the boating experience for both new and experienced boaters. When Chris McLellan was eight years old, he dreamed he would someday design and build boats. Growing up near Lake Huron in Michigan, with parents in the marine industry, his experience with boats and water activities was broad. After years of firsthand experience, Chris understood the challenges boaters face – including ergonomics, inventory, longevity, and high costs. Chris was determined to address these issues and make waves in the marine industry.

Crafting Excellence: The SOL Sailboat

At the heart of SERO Innovation's success story stands the SOL Sailboat, a one-design sailboat that captures the essence of modern design, comfort, customization, and performance. Drawing inspiration from the rays of the sun and waves of the water, the SOL Sailboat embodies the spirit of adventure and the joy of sailing. Its sleek lines, ergonomic features, and lightweight build redefine the sailing experience, making it accessible to beginners and seasoned sailors.

With precision in mind, SERO Innovation's team of engineers and craftsmen meticulously crafted the sailboat to optimize performance and durability. Each component can withstand the rigors of the waters while ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. From its open cockpit to its customizable accessories, every detail enhances the experience of being on the water.

Navigating New Horizons: SERO Innovation's Product Line

Beyond the SOL Sailboat, SERO Innovation boasts a comprehensive range of parts, accessories, and equipment tailored to the needs of boaters and maritime professionals. Their catalog features everything from cup holders to safety gear, instilling joy, comfort, and confidence in the waters.

Charting the Future: Sailing Beyond Boundaries

SERO Innovation wants to enhance the endless amounts of lasting memories found on the water. As SERO Innovation continues to push the boundaries of maritime innovation, the company envisions a future where the joy of boating and sailing is as accessible as a kayak. 

The SOL Sailboat prioritizes durability, comfort, and accessibility, helping SERO Innovation remain steadfast in its mission to inspire explorers to embark on the water.